Coloring Master Class - Color Theory


About this Lesson:

Have you ever wondered how an artist chooses their color schemes? Do you ever feel emotional when looking at art that you like? Why is that?

I believe that one of the biggest keys to creating a successful coloring (or any art for that matter) is color choice. 

11 years ago I began researching color theory and the psychological effects of color. Ever since then, I’ve always been very interested in color relationships and have studied the way they help improve my own art. 

In my first lesson, I’ve taken everything I know about color (and everything you asked to know in the survey) and smashed it down to the most important nuggets so you can apply them to your own coloring.

You'll get to take a peek at my home studio, where I work on all things creative. You'll also learn how to

- Apply the basics of the color wheel to your art
- Use tints, tones, and shades effectively
- Come up with amazing color schemes in a snap

AND I'll give you expert tips to make sure you have fail proof color palettes!