Rachel Reinert

I have a constant need to create, a drive that continues daily. It's a continual investigation of the way color, line, and movement work together. I like the challenge of creating and solving my own visual problems, so you can see why big, blank canvasses absolutely thrill me. I allow myself to daydream and watch experiments turn into something meaningful.

Being from California and Colorado has allowed me to spend a lot of time observing the beauty of the outdoors. I love working with plants and glean much of my inspiration from nature. I've recently seen how travel can impact my work, too. For 2 years I lived and traveled around Australia in Sydney and Perth, and since then I have spent time visiting Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, China, France, Canada, Germany, and more! I closely observe the flora in each new country I visit, and in turn apply it to my next drawing or painting. 

I've painted for private collectors, interior designers, businesses, and public venues and love working on custom pieces. There isn't a set way that I do each piece as each commission takes on its own life. Making art is a liberating experience and I'm grateful to pass on that feeling to others each time.